Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A few thoughts

Its been awhile again since I last blogged, and not without the best of intentions. Most of the time I struggle to think of what I want to say, I mean its not like I have children with lots going on in their lives to share or scrap about. But I do have a lot of things going through my mind, whether you think they're shareable I guess is up to you.

  • I'm astounded that with all the trouble the Minister of Education had created this year, that she has kept her portfolio. Have you noticed that she has never fronted to cameras but always left someone else to answer for the Novopay mess. That's just shamefully wrong.
  • I learnt on the news tonight that NZ has one of highest rates of child abuse in the developed world. That makes me so sad and angry at the same time.
  • I worry this world won't be around in a liveable state for our children's children - and there's me with none but still it concerns me.
  • I don't understand why someone's belief in God whichever religion that maybe, in whichever country, means they have to kill others if they don't believe in their religion. What makes their God better than mine? Maybe I'm naive but I wouldn't have thought believing in something good would mean killing others. Why can this world not just agree to disagree and get on with it.
  • eating celery does not in anyway shape or form help in stopping power surges - yes ladies I'm talking about menopause, you heard it here first :)
  • Temperatures of 30° absolutely kill me. Give me a nice balmy 25° any day
  • I have an extraordinary bunch of online friends at jellybean scrappers that I'm grateful to have <3
  • My sister-inlaw has just engaged :)
  • This year I've decided to embrace project life - albeit with a bit of a twist.
So, all of that has been running round my head lately, some of it not nice, some of it I can do nothing about, it just is what it is, and yes I am a worry wort :) If you've read this far you're doing well it was pretty dark at he start, so I better end with a bit of light entertainment - here's my latest attempt at C'est Magnifique

Theres a lot I love about this layout. The paper is Graphic 45 Ladies Diary, I just drooled when this paper came out, mind you have you seen their latest releases at CHA? - oh I can't wait for those to come out either :) Then theres the photo, its my Grandmother and my Great-Grandmother. I love that they used to dress so well whenever they went out with everything matching, hat, gloves, handbag, very classy.  Ive thrown a little texture pasture on with a Prima stencil, and one of their zips, some muslin and a scrap of some lace I had in my stash. I love how it all came together.

Thanks for popping by, promise I won't be quite so dark next time!