Friday, 30 October 2015

Dear Santa………. BoBunny DT

Hi there :)

Its funny how our tastes change, don't you think? When it came to Christmas I was always shades of red and gold.  My sister is always silver, white and glass.  Well her tree is anyway.  But the more years I scrapbook the more Im changing and Im not religiously sticking to my original colours for decorations - except the tree!  That stays the same colour scheme.  Of course if my husband allowed me to have another tree, well you never know what I'll come up with! lol ;)

So, Dear Santa? Its bright and actually quite funky and I found I liked it.  The wheels started spinning on what I could do with it, and then I remembered these boxes I had from last Christmas, and the idea came together.
Last year my sister organised a present from all my family for a series of date nights for Forbes and I and they were all printed out on paper, and popped in a small box. And then another one.  And another - there were 5 in total, all separately wrapped.  Her idea was that I would be able to use them later.  Did I mention she was sniggering away as each time I thought we had reached the end only to find another layer!

Ive used three of those boxes to create this project.  On the top Ive made a little house out of chipboard, and then made some mini presents, again out of chipboard.  When I saw that wee chipboard piece Gift Wrap Central I couldn't resist making it the sign on my wee house :)

My poinsettias Ive curled in on themselves and added some jewels from the yellow hues, die cutting a couple of different style leaves from my paper pad.

Lastly it needed some tags.  And of course Santa ;)

So how are your decorating plans coming along?  Its never too soon to start ;)
Incidentally, the other two boxes are yellow and they match Genevieve perfectly, just saying ;)