Thursday, 10 July 2014

This and That

Hi Everyone,
A few things to share today - a few thoughts, and a little creativity.

Change.  I hate change.  Well maybe not all change, heaven knows Im a great one for shuffling furniture around ;)  so some change is good.  But then theres some change I don't like.  Like changes to staffing at work.  I hate that.  Since the earthquakes we have had a huge turnover of staff.  It feels like you just get over someone new arriving and settling in and then they're off.  I know that my job provides so much variety to choose to practice in, and heaven knows Ive worked in so many different specialities so Im probably not one to talk.  Or maybe its an age thing?

One of the Clinical Team Co-ordinators has left on maternity leave for a year, and I made a wooden letter for her.  The letter is decorated with an older BoBunny collection, "On the Go".

And a card to complete the gift, although it doesn't match the letter like I would usually do, but I love it all the same.  The paper is very old.  Like way way way back when, its Daisy D's - does anyone remember them?  They were one of my favourites back when I started scrapping.

The sketch I used as the basis for the card is from Cardabilities #102 - liked it so much I used it for a sympathy card Forbes asked me to make. 

The Lyric Collection from Prima was one of my favourites and the quote I thought was perfect for the card.  It looks quite flat but the close up shows the different layers and dimension.

Which brings me to the news.  I like to be informed, so I watch the news.  I read Stuff and I read The Press.  But lately its so demoralising.  If someones not trying to rip someone off, or trying to kill someone, then its the devastation of floods, war and disease. Some more warm fuzzy stories would be nice.  Like the one about the lady in Christchurch who has started a campaign of helping the homeless.

   I wonder what an alien would think of us if he flew over our planet?  The world seems to have pockets of good and bad.  But I think I like my little slice of paradise the best.  Its not perfect but its mine :)

Thanks for popping by!