Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Happy Halloween! - BoBunny DT

For most New Zealanders Halloween is not something we really celebrate - we have the odd trick or treaters knock at the door but thats about it.  I do have some friends though that love it and really get into it.  So this post is for them and those of you out there that celebrate Halloween.

BoBunny's range this year was pretty cool, even if Halloween does'nt really float my boat I can still appreciate the colours and art behind it.  This range had loads of lime green, purple, orange and black with everything you would associate with Halloween; bats, skulls, skeletons, spiders and tombstones.
I decorated some Kaisercraft wooden letters, firstly BOO! which you can see here on the BoBunny blog.

I then decided to decorate some more letters spelling WICKED! This time I made use of the chipboard embellishments and the decorative elements on the papers - another words  lots of fussy cutting!

I chose to photograph each letter individually because too much detail was missing when photographed as a group - they are left singular to display on the mantle over the fireplace, or they could be strung together like BOO has been.

Some of the layered stickers and chipboard I have altered.  Just because something is presented in whatever way I reckon does'nt mean it has to stay like that, afterall is'nt that what creativity is all about?  On the E the trick or treat tombstone was attached to three chipboard banners, I just removed them and saved them for later use; the dimensional October 31 sticker was actually a tag, I just cut that section off; on the C the skull beware sticker was part of a yellow background, and I cut that off as well, the banners underneath were'nt actually banners they were tags attached to a much larger tag - part of the Noteworthy collection - I cut off the larger tag and made the remaining tags into banners.  Nothing often looks as it seems ;)
Both of these are winging their way to some friends as I type this, I hope you like :)
Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. LOVE my Wicked letters - they have pride of place on my mantelpiece for Halloween! Thank you soooo much !! The girls were pretty awestruck as i said yesterday- MUm " who made those cool letters?""(Lucy)

  2. Very cool...and scary of course!

  3. Those letters look great, the wicked ones came out great! Lucky Francine :)