Monday, 11 January 2016

Calendar Girl Birthday Book - BoBunny DT

Another year has begun, and yet again its going fast - can't believe its nearly the middle of January already!  This year I want to be a bit more organised!!  and thats where this idea sprang from.

Im notoriously late with birthday presents.  Terrible.  So bad in fact that I've been a month late before :( I have the ideas for gifts its just that I can't seem to get myself organised in advance enough to get them sent.  So this year I aim to be different.  With the help of this wee book :)

At the end of last year - sounds so long ago eh? lol.  - BoBunny released the Calendar Girl collection.  When I looked at it I thought it had so many options, not just for its original purpose which was planners. Project life also sprang to mind.  But I also thought of my birthday book.  Each month has a blank calendar so perfect to use in any form.

So where to start?  I made the pages first, layering them on white cardstock.  Punched some holes and created an embossed line to imitate the look of a fold.  Each calendar was then inked along the edges in a corresponding colour.

On the reverse I layered white cardstock.  For each piece I inked the edges in the same colour ink I had used for each calendar page.  So January is blue, so I used blue ink etc.  I can then write the names and dates of each person on back and any other information I wanted.  I used a selection of noteworthy, and  buttons from various collections to embellish them.

To identify each persons birthday I used the stars from the Cascade Stickable Stencils with either pearlescents or glitter paste, depending on which colour I wanted.

For dates that were all about Forbes and I, gold glitter paste was used with hearts from the same stencil set.  May 24th was the day we got engaged :)

To create the cover I used black thick chipboard and covered it with patterned paper - its was about 6x6" so the paper pads were perfect for coverage.  I layered on top some Journalling cards from the collection and then roughly painted on gesso, followed by pearlescents.  Once it was dry I used a baby wipe to remove some, going for a roughed up look.  Random painting using Mint glimmer spray and then random stamping, finished the background off.
Further layers are created by using a laser cut chipboard phrase, stickers, noteworthy and muslin.  The butterflies were fussy cut from the Primrose collection.  Two layers of washi went along the bottom, and it was finished.

Easy peasy!  And now it sits on my desk so theres no forgetting!!
See you next time :)

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  1. LOL over your easy peasy!!! It looks just perfect for keeping you on track :)