Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Explosion Box

Earlier in the year I was preparing to teach my first class at Scrappin Patch's retreat, held at Glentui.  If you've never been out that way, its a glorious place to hold a retreat. Its nestled in amongst the hills, surrounded in bush - sitting scrapping away listening to the birds and lucky for me not far from where I live :)

Ive taught classes before but this time I had to prepare for 20 possible students, the most Ive ever taught before this was about 6, so this was huge for me!  I also had to type up instructions - another first for me.  I hauled in my BFF Rebecca to read through and and see if it all made sense, or it sounded like a load of double dutch, thankfully it all made sense :) - then it was time to package together 20 kits.

Ive been to lots of classes before, and Ive been a Nurse Educator previously, so I knew what I liked about teaching styles and what I did'nt.  I really wanted to make people feel welcome and I have this thing that no matter what the question, it is never stupid because there is usually someone else out there that has the same question, they're just too scared to ask it in case they look stupid!  Actually thats usually me lol! :) And I would hate for anyone to feel like that in one of my classes.  I was also aware that some people need more help than others to complete projects.  I was also following on from Trina's class so I had a lot to live up to!  I liked how with each class of hers Ive been to, she has made a wee gift for each person, so I took her lead and made little pillow boxes and filled them with mini Easter eggs, only I forgot to take a photo of them, whoops!

So heres the box. The papers were Kaisercraft's Sweet Nothings and I used entirely Kaisercraft product to create the box and added in Martha Stewart punches, twine, chipboard, Cherry Lyn Flourish and muslin and a Dusty Attic ornate gate.

Explosion boxes have been around for a long time - I even have one a friend made for me years ago for  Christmas!  So, I really wanted this one to be different, not just a remake of the original, so why not try and fit a secret garden into the bottom  of the box, complete with rustic old penny farthing and ornate gate?!  The rest of the album I created around my grandparents, Grace and John.  The photos are from the early years of their marriage - there are no photos of them together in their later years, Granddad died when my Mum was little from a congenital heart defect that was picked up when he went to enlist for WWII, consequently he could never serve his country. All that history makes these photos all the more precious, they are all I have of him.

Kaisercraft sponsored this class, which was a very proud feeling for me!

If you want to make an explosion box, there are loads of instructions on the web, or if you like I could email you the instructions to make this one, just leave me a comment.

Have a great weekend!


  1. It was an awesome class but i was abit concerned that the twine i had was different to the one that you used in the sample. Next time can you please make sure that you spend at least 3-4 hours to make sure they are exactly the same. Otherwise the class was great!

  2. This is awesome- I wouldn't know where to even start with making one of these, but you perfected it!! I love the "secret garden" idea- it's totally fabulous- so many great details here; you've done an incredible job!!

  3. LOL at Francine's comment :) *wink*
    It was a FABULOUS class, best one I've ever done and I love my beautiful explosion box!

  4. This was a fantastic class, and you made it so easy, it looks really really difficult but with your step by step guidance it was really achievable for us who don't normally do OTP, thanks Megan, it was a GREAT CLASS and you were a FABBO TEACHER too

  5. Sweets, this is just FAB. Wish I could do a class with you!! xx

  6. What a special way to show these photos. I have seen these boxes before but you have really taken it to another level!!