Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Mothers Day, French Country and a giveaway

This week its mothers day in NZ, its not a day that brings me any joy in the last couple of years, it just seems to exacerbate my childless state.
It never used to though. Never really bothered me at all really, having no children was my 'lot' in life.I just pulled up my big girl panties and got on with it.  Then a couple of years ago one of my colleagues - who thankfully does'nt work with us any more - said one of cruelest things, and unfortunately I can't seem to let it go.
We were discussing at work what each of us had received for mothers day.  I mentioned that the dogs had bought me a book.  My colleague could'nt believe it saying I was'nt a mother and therefore was'nt entitled to a mothers day present.  Sure you can think whatever you like about it, but do you really need to say it out loud?!  No one said a word in my defence so I guess they were either as stunned as I was or agreed but not rude enough to say so.  It turns out that they were all stunned and disgusted.  My reply to her was that not everyone was blessed enough to have children and in this day and age there are different definitions of 'mother' and walked out the office.  I have never received an apology.

Yes I need to move on! I know this. So for all you mothers out there of fur babies or humans ;) I have a giveaway.  A very generous one.  All you have to do is comment on this post and become a follower - you can never have enough followers :) and I will post anywhere in the world!

Theres quite a mixture in there: washi tape, Prima flowers, mask, and canvas alterables, some Dusty Attic, papers and embellishments from Glitz Designs, doillies, glimmermist and some Collections items.

Im guessing I should give you something a bit cheerier to comment on!  So heres a card I made for a friend of mine who's heading off to the UK to work and tour around the place.  Ive used Graphic 45 French Country - this collection I just love!

And a layout using the blue pieces in the collection - this appeared in Scrappin Patch's newsletter this month. I was determined with both this and the card that I could do both without a scrap of Prima lol and I did.  Im thrilled with how both of them turned out.  What do you think?

The photo incidently is Forbes at 8months old :) - four generations.

The giveaway is open for a week and will be drawn on Friday May 17th.
Happy Mothers Day!


  1. oh me me me - i have seen this pack in real life and Megan is being VERY generous- there is a ton of stuff in there ladies - so get following!

    Love the card too - i am always partial to sunflowers - they just ooze happiness! Love teh Forbes layout too!

    Don't let one stupid person get you down Megan- some people are just plain thoughtless sometimes- you would make the most fantastic mother if you had been able to- and as you said there are lots of different versions of motherhood - and i know that you have been chosen to be godmother to quite a few children - that honour is not given lightly either!

    Just watched The Help this week ( the book is brilliant too if you haven't read it!_) and as she says

    you is kind
    you is smart
    you is important

    and that is all that matters no matter what anyone says

    Francine xxx

  2. What an awesome haul of goodies and the card is gorgeous, lot's of lovely detail in there. I also like to use postage stamps on my cards and layouts.

    You did awesome not using Prima on your lovely blue layout too. Go you! Lol.

    As to the other, that is one insensitive soul! But Francine said it perfectly; don't let that incredibly stupid person get you down.

    I hope you have a beautiful Mothers Day with your four legged fur babies.

    Love and hugz!

  3. Beautiful work as usual Megan, what a great photo to treasure of Forbe's family!

    You're such a generous lady Megan, what a lovely array of beautiful goodies :)

    At the time I remember to you telling me about the silly nurse's comments, you've been dealt a tough card with not being able to have children but I think you deal with it gracefully and show so much love to the children of friends and family and your beautiful fur babies that I hope you can leave her comments behind you, they were heartless and cold.

    Big hugs xo

  4. Megan .. you are right .. there are many different 'definitions' of what being a 'mother' is today and unfortunately some 'mothers' don't deserve the title ..... ENJOY being "MUM" to your gorgeous fur babies xxx

  5. Your work is once again stunning Meg.

    Hard to believe that a colleage in your profession could lack empathy in such a way - a real case of speaking without thinking...no wonder everyone else was stunned into silence. Hope your fur babies spoil you rotten this Mother's Day - they should be good at shopping aye - they're related to you LOL.

  6. What, no Prima and they sure are fabulous. Some people need to learn when to keep their mouths shut - how insensitive and rude. Wishing you a wonderful mothers day with your fur babies. :)

  7. You are an amazing person and your work is stunning.
    Sorry that you can't be a mummy but there is no need for anyone to be so rude to you. You love your fur babies and Forbes and your family and friends and thats all that matters.

  8. you know me and mine luvs ya anyway
    and your babies luv you.
    as always love your work

  9. WOW some people suffer from a bad case of foot IN mouth disease. A fur baby Mama is as perfect as a human Mama, it is all hardwork and full of rewards