Saturday, 7 January 2012

O Christmas Tree

I realise now I forgot to share my Christmas tree pics!  I love Christmas, its my favourite time of year.  Forbes can take it or leave it, and it was never celebrated which much gusto when he was growing up.  I on the other hand love decorating the house, and it always seems naked when the decorations get put away each year.  Forbes calls our house Santas grotto when all the decorations go up, which is such an exaggeration - shaking my head - if you compare our house to those that have awesome displays you can go visit, my house is naked!

Some people like my sister theme their trees.  Hers is a white tree with silver, glass and white decorations trimmed with white feather boas - it is just beautiful.  Im a traditional chick, but only in so far as the decorations.  I don't have a real tree, love the smell but the pine needles dropping would do my head in :) so I have a fake tree.  the decorations are in reds/burgundys and gold.  A lot of my decorations I bought whilst living in London - I have some very special sets that I bought in Harrods, that I just had to have!  And no they were'nt cheap at 8 pounds each and came in a set of six, but they're just beautiful - just had to quantify that :).  I have an addiction to snowflakes too, so theres a few on the tree.
This year I decided to forgo the tinsel and just covered the tree in decorations - I quite like it.  I am a bit of a tidy freak that could be why, grin!

So heres the tree and some of my favourite decorations.  There are lights on it I might add, you just can't see them - they up and down the tree instead of around.

The only down side to Christmas this year was the clanger of an earthquake on the 23rd.  I was on my way to work when it hit, I actually thought I had a flat tyre so pulled over and then twigged to what was happening - it was like driving on a trampoline that someone was jumping on, quite disconcerting.  When the next one hit I was walking to recovery to pick a patient up, walking along the link corridor which is an internal corridor that runs around the side of the building if you get my drift.  It looks out over Riccarton Ave.  The force was so strong I had to stop walking because I could'nt stand up straight, and the building was swaying violently - for a second there I contemplated jumping out the window because it just felt like the building was going to go.  I have'nt been at work for any of the quakes, but I can now appreciate why some people now have a fear of multistory buildings - it was not nice!  I guess you just dust yourself off and get on with it as best you can - of course I don't live in the eastern suburbs, if I did my outlook might be different.

Take care out there!

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  1. Awesome posts megan... keep up the good work.... Happy 2012.... Barb