Saturday, 7 January 2012

Theres nothing so good as a good book!

When I was younger I used to read all the time, every chance I got.  I would even stick my book under the covers with a torch and read when I was supposed to be asleep - of course I was absolutely certain my mother never knew which of course is total rubbish - she knew everything!  These days I tend to only get to read before I go to sleep and since I mostly work afternoons, then it only happens on my days off.  Lately Ive been spending any chance I get reading, Ive become addicted again :)  I love a good read especially those that are sooooo good you just can't put it down, and then when its finished you're almost gutted.
My niece enjoys a good book I discovered recently which was a surprise to me - just something I would never have picked about her.  I don't remember her being a reader as a child.  She has introduced me to an author called SJ Bolton, an english author who writes thrillers.  They are awesome!  I have'nt been able to track them down in Whitcoulls but I have found them online at Mighty Ape and ordered two - they're on their way, Im one very excited chick!
My husband on the other hand is not a reader, unless its a car magazine and then he will read it cover to cover.  The other week I was glued to a SJ Bolton book most of the day, just could'nt put it down.  Forbes made some comment about sitting doing nothing all day; say what?!  I was not doing nothing I was reading!  So whats the difference between reading a car magazine all afternoon and reading a book?  He did'nt have answer for that, but said I must've been bored - don't think he gets it do you ? :)
I have'nt scrapbooked about my obsession with reading, (maybe I should!) except for the Twilight series and I confess Im reading it again for the fourth time - so much better than the movies, although I still have to watch them!
Im also a bit anal about my books, and now won't lend them out, after happily lending them to people in the past, and they come back damaged or lost or in one case taken by a daughter to read also who then passed it on to her friend and of course I never saw it again!  I have learnt my lesson, and I love my books too much to lose any more.

Time to get back into a good book!
Have a good week!

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